In 2021, BMW Group became the first premium manufacturer to publish an Integrated Group Report, combining its Annual Report and its Sustainable Value Report for the first time. The convincing combination of fiscal and non-fiscal targets represents the art of integrated reporting. In particular, non-fiscal KPI need to be identified and analysed for measurability. The dialogue discusses, among other aspects, the interdependence of fiscal and sustainability performance, as well as the future role of integrated reporting.

Discussion topics:

  1. Integrated Reporting - what’s the impulse?
  2. The challenges of Integrated Reporting?
  3. Integrated Reporting - the end or the future of accounting?
  4. How detailed should Integrated Reporting be?
  5. Will Integrated Reporting become the new standard?



  • Prof. Dr. Thomas M. Fischer, Chair for Accounting and Controlling, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG
  • Jon Townend, Head of Group Accounting & Reporting & Taxes, BMW Group