An important energy carrier of the future is hydrogen. One area of application is the fuel cell vehicle. However, hydrogen also plays an important role as an energy carrier for certain energy supply processes, e.g. in the production process. A hydrogen strategy is therefore not just about the powertrain, but about its complex value chain. The topics of the expert discussion range from future developments in the energy market to the hydrogen refueling infrastructure and central aspects of the hydrogen value chain.

Discussion topics:

  1. What is the BMW hydrogen strategy?
  2. Importing hydrogen: What is the difference?
  3. What will be the first BMW hydrogen car?
  4. What share will hydrogen have in 2045?
  5. Can a dual infrastructure be economic?
  6. A BMW hydrogen portfolio – what’s the strategic rationale?
  7. Will BMW contribute to establishing value chains?
  8. Will there be limited resources when hydrogen business grows?



  • Prof. Dr. Peter Wasserscheid – Head of the Institute of Chemical Reaction at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg and Director of the Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Oliver Zipse – Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG
  • Dr. Jürgen Guldner – Vice President Fuel Cell Technology and Vehicle Projects at BMW AG