Mastering the climate crisis is one of the key challenges of our time. In order to manage successfully the complex transformation processes of the automotive industry towards sustainability, a continuous interdisciplinary exchange of expertise is required.

“I think it’s extremely important, not only for educational reasons, to build a bridge to the academic world, as management today becomes more and more scientific-based.” (O. Zipse)

Experts from BMW Group, as sustainability leader in the automotive industry, and from FAU, as Germany's most innovative university, have come together to discuss and exchange perspectives on various key aspects of sustainability management in the automotive industry from strategy to future technologies. 

"Especially with regard to climate change, it's important for future research and education to analyse and understand the sustainability challenges of Germany's largest industry - the automotive industry.” (J. Hornegger) 

The Joint Sustainability Dialogues will be published in three blocks of dialogues. Starting with #strategy4future, followed by #industry4future to #technology4future.